Kai Möwert

Head Cook

I always enjoyed cooking or watching other people cook. However, I did an apprenticeship as restaurant operations trainee. But working this job, I realized that I am living a life that doesn’t meet my view of what life should be. So I decided to take a year off to gain a new perspective and direction. I spent most of this year at Bible School at Tauernhof in Austria. I was able to get to know Jesus in a new way and decided to live my life differently. This time with Jesus.

Now my hobby has become my profession and I am enjoying it.
I can experience God’s presence and work in many different ways doing every day’s chores or in moments that I feel like I am reaching my limits and don’t know how to go on.

My hope for all the guests and visitors (also on the internet) is that they would be able to experience Jesus – no matter if it’s for the very first time or again in a new way.

Kai is married to Ruth Möwert, they have three children.

Kai Möwert