Order audio files

Thank you very much for your interest in ordering recordings of our lectures. We hope they will turn out to be a blessing to you.

In the document below, you will find a list of lecture series, we believe you might find beneficial. Those are mainly series that are taught in our current Bible School courses, as well as fairly recent series, a few classics and a number of German speaking lecture series from our “Mini Bible Schools”.

To simplify the order and payment process, we created four categories for our series, depending on the number of lectures of which they consist:

  • A: 3-5 lectures, 5.- €
  • B: 6-10 lectures, 8.- €
  • C: 11-17 lectures, 13.- €
  • D: 18 or more lectures, 20.- €

To order the requested lecture series, please enter the respective item number(s) in the space provided on the online order form. If not indicated otherwise, we will send you the most recent “version”. If you would like to order a series from a specific year (e.g. your year) or inquire about a series that is not on the list, please let us know in the order form.

Please also indicate whether you would like to receive the lectures via download link (currently WeTransfer) or via USB-Stick in the mail (plus 3,- €, plus shipping).

If you have any questions, please contact audio@bodenseehof.de

Our audio catalog as pdf (41.26 KB)

Please use a single row per number.