Monkey Mountain Salem

© © Affenberg Salem


At Affenberg Salem nearly 200 Barbary macaques roam freely in a 20 ha forest. As you enter the park you can observe the monkeys living as they would in the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. A path guides you through the monkeys‘ home range in the middle of a beautiful forest. You can even feed the monkeys with gratis available popcorn. Be prepared to enter a different world of animal magic!

Guides are situated along the path to explain the monkeys‘ behaviour happening before your eyes. Why is this baby being carried by a male? What are the monkeys picking up from the ground? Where do they spend the winter? The guides have all the answers!

Affenberg Salem also offers a Self-Service Restaurant situated next to the Children’s Adventure Playground, a Souvenir Shop, rest rooms, including one for wheelchair users.

© © Affenberg Salem


March 18 to October 24 daily 9am to 6pm
last admittance at 17:30

October 29 to November 8 daily 9am to 5pm
last admittance at 16:30