Looking for a new housekeeper

We are looking for a new addition to our housekeeping team starting 01 May 2023!

Hanna Maisack, 13. January 2023

Our colleague is going on maternity leave. Therefore, we are looking for you to fill her place in our young, dynamic team.

Our varied tasks include house cleaning, decorating, purchasing work equipment, gardening and coordinating guest turnover.

The applicant should bring:
• Independence
• Sense of responsibility
• Joy in instructing young helpers
• Substitution of the housekeeping manager
• Speak functional English and German
• Sociability
• Willingness to work evenings from time to time
• Previous experience or, if applicable, completed vocational training in housekeeping

If you love working in an intercultural context and living in community, we would love to hear from you!

Please send your application consisting of CV with a photograph, reports, certificates, and the Bodenseehof application form to


Volunteers wanted

March 27th - September 9th

Hanna Maisack, 12. January 2023

We are very thankful for all the volunteers that help us out every year during our conferences. Currently, we are looking for help during our Summer Conferences. For further information, please click here.

Free places for confirmation camp


Hanna Maisack, 12. October 2022

There are still many spaces available for any Confirmation, Bible Study or Youth groups who would like to join our Confirmation Camp on the weekend of March 29-April 3. Arrival and departure times are flexible. Contact Hanna Maisack at for more information!

Would you like to come to the above mentioned weekend with a group that could benefit from a different program than the one for confirmation kids?
If so, feel free to contact us at

Accommodation for small groups during the Bible School

During the 2022-2023 school year

Hanna Maisack, 12. October 2022

This year we have the opportunity to host small groups (up to about 25 people) parallel to our international English-speaking Bible School at Bodenseehof.

Groups would room with our students in the dorm (on their own floor) in rooms of 2 or 4, could use our conference room to hold their own meetings, and would enjoy life and meals with our Bible school students.

Whether it's a youth group, a small group, or other church group, whether you want to run your own program or if we can help you; feel free to contact us at


Finally here again!

Hanna Maisack, 12. October 2022

We can open up Bodenseehof again for Taste&See guests during Bible school!
We´d love to welcome you.

Feel free to stay for two or three weeks to get even more out of your time!

For more information click here:
Infos about Taste&See

Still room for Konfirmation-Kids

Openings for 2023

Hanna Maisack, 11. October 2022

If you are interested in openings for 2023, please write an email to Hanna Maisack

More info on our Konfi-Camps here.

Holiday Program for 2023

is online

Hanna Maisack, 26. September 2022

We are looking forward to welcoming many guests to our summer conferences here at Bodenseehof in 2023! Please find our holiday brochure for 2023 here (3.1 MB) (German only).

All conferences - including the link to sign up - are now available here.